How to ace Cloudera CCDH and CCAH in CDH4

大家好,我於今年 (2012) 六月時幸運地通過了 CDH3 版本的 Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH) 以及 Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH) 證照考試;另於最近通過了 CDH4 版本的升級考試。與各位有需要的朋友們分享心得,希望可以幫助到您們。
I’ve pass both CCDH and CCAH in CDH3 and have successfully upgraded to CDH4 this year (2012). I want to share my experiences with you 🙂

This is the TOC and I only translate section 6 since all the others are not essential part of this topic.
And, forgive my weakness translation…..
1. 背景介紹
2. 註冊帳號
3. 安排考試
4. 應考流程
4.1. 考試未預期錯誤
4.2. 考試當天遇天災
4.3. 真正流程
5. 考試內容
5.1. 題型
5.2. CCDH CDH3 範圍
5.3. CCAH CDH3 範圍
5.4. CCDH CDH4 範圍
5.5. CCAH CDH4 範圍
6. 準備方式 (Ways to prepare)
6.1. CCDH CDH3 準備法 (How to ace CCDH CDH3)
6.2. CCAH CDH3 準備法 (How to ace CCAH CDH3)
6.1. CCDH CDH4 準備法 (How to ace CCDH CDH4)
6.2. CCAH CDH4 準備法 (How to ace CCAH CDH4)
7. 心得