Start An LLC For Dummies (成立有限責任公司天才班)

Notice (前言):
This tutorial take place between January 2014 and September 2014 and keep updating. Some corresponding materials such as web URLs, PDF docs, and telephone numbers might updated by the official websites for some reasons. You have to confirm all the materials are the latest version before you start. And, forgive my weakness translation.
這個教學的發生時間是 2014/01-2014/09 且持續更新中,文中提到的諸多素材例如網頁、 PDF 文件、電話等等資訊都可能因為太過老舊而被官方所更新,敬請各位在親自操作之前重新與官方網站或者其他方法確認資料的正確性。